Mission Statement: to provide effective individualized training focused towards helping each client reach their personal fitness and health goals. Whether your training is online or in person  (in or out of the gym Snap Fitness Mansfield TX), You will be provided with a personalized program built specifically to cater to your needs and training goals. I believe that fitness and health is a way of life. It is my goal to integrate strength, agility, flexibility, balance, endurance, speed, stamina and proper nutrition as a whole for a balanced lifestyle.

As your health coach, I am personally committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals through nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coaching.

Specialties: Personal Fitness Training, Health Coaching, Weight Loss and Nutrition Coaching.

As your fitness trainer we will work on your Cardio health, Strength Training, Functional Fitness, Flexibility and Balance with customized fitness trainig based on your goals, needs and equipment.

Personal Fitness Training

Having your own in personal fitness trainer will help you:

  • Lose pounds of unwanted body fat
  • Build lean attractive muscle
  • Live a longer and healthier life
  • Improve performance
  • Develop supportive eating habits
  • Manage stress and depression
  • Focus and improve upon all other aspects of your daily living
  • Includes everthing under online fitness
  • Easy tracking via our smartphone app

A great option for those who need extra push to achieve better results. Receive one on one private training.


What Clients have Say:

Appreciate you helping me start in my journey. Down to 170, from a size 16 to size 12 and I’m up to 2 miles straight of running. I’m running a 5k on May 14 too!! Thanks for helping me jump start my new fitness life.  I work out 6 days a week now and love it.
Rene S.

Pat S.

I hate exercising but do realize it is essential to my good health. Anthony has stressed not only strength and cardio exercise but knowledge about nutrition. He is a great motivator especially for senior adults.
Patricia S.

Online Fitness Training/Coaching

It is common knowledge that to lose weight or gain muscle you must eat properly and exercise regularly. The problem that most people have is sticking with the plan consistently. Online fitness training and coaching might just give you the motivation and accountability that you need to stay with it.

Online Personal Training allows anyone, anywhere to reach their goals with the help of real personal trainers. With Online Personal Training you’ll get expert knowledge at affordable prices. Ideal for those who find personal training is out of their budget or if you live outside our service areas, anyone, anywhere can get access to your own real personal trainer.

  • Individualized Online Training Program
  • Includes (1) One -on - One in person Training Session (if residence is local)
  • Food Diary review, meal planning 
  • Email Support 
  • Plus more

Nutrition Coaching: Nutrition Programming in the Digital Age – Better, Faster, Easier

People have Personal Trainers because it not only motivates, and educates- but also, because it holds them accountable to somebody. One of the most successful ways to help you reach your goal is though healthy nutrition.  I use Evolution Nutrition to support clients and help them achieve their goals.

Clients can access and follow meal plans from their Trainerize mobile app, anywhere (yes, including at the grocery store or at work). The meal plan displays in full view, so clients will be able to scroll, zoom in, print and even save the meal plan to their computers or devices if they wish to do so.

Services Include: In-person training at Snap Fitness Mansfield TX or In Home Training, online training, Health and Nutritional Coaching.

In-person and Online Combo packages available. Email  anthony@anthonystewarts.com, to see how we can make a plan that works best for you.

Personal Training Agreement

All Training Packages Expires: 35 days from purchase


Pricing below.


One Time Payment Options