Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect from in person or online fitness training and coaching?

You can expect to get results! My Our desire is to support your personal fitness goals and assist youto get long term fitness and health results.

How Long Does it Take Until I receive My Fully Customized Program?

You will receive your questionnaires and forms within 24 hours of purchase. Once I receive all your info (including your before picture) I will begin making your plan.  It typically takes me anywhere from 24 hours-2 days to make your plan. 

Does Online Personal Training Really Work?

ABSOLUTELY!! I have worked with clients worldwide! The reason it works is because I will educate you on all the aspects to living and maintaining a health and fitness lifestyle. I am NOT about quick fixes and crash dieting. My goal for all my clients is to help you reach your fitness goals,  get your ideal body and teach you to maintain it forever. 

Do we ever meet with a Trainer in Person if we are a Online Client?

No, Unless your one of my inperson clients that live in the area. Online training will be done on your own and through emailing, phone and communication through the online trining app weekly.

How long does it take to receive my program?

It can take anywhere from 3-5 business days to receive your full customized Training program. 

What are the typical results for each client?

Results will always vary based on each individual person.

Do I have to Take before Pics?

Yes, There is no way of us to be able to see what your body looks like without them.  We cannot make a plan without them.

Are there refunds?

There is a no refund policy, we want you to succeed in this having a refund will give you the option of quitting


Online Mobile Training

My Online Mobile Training app goes wherever you go.  Access your custom designed workouts by using your smartphone or computer.  You can track your progress and I can monitor your results. Access your workouts anytime, anywhere. Track workout and body stats, watch my instructional videos right on your smartphone, PC or notebook with the Mobile Training platform. I monitor your progress online, and alter your routine when needed. Waste less time, and get more productive. 

Face-to-Face Training & Health Coaching

for people that just need the best professional guidance and program to help them get into great health and shape, safely and effectively.

Lifestyle and Health Coaching for Healthy Aging. Regardless of your age, you’re aging! How can you take control of your aging today? What can you do to put grace in gracefully aging, TODAY? You have the power within you to begin living today.